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La Blue,
Momentarily Got Me Down.
The More I Think Of You,
The More I Hate This Town.
And I Hope To Find My Way Back Home Real Soon.
I Need Someone To Cure My...

La Blue
How Do I Get Around?
I Don'T Wanna Lose,
Myself İn The Crowd.
Well I'M Sorry İf I Ain'T Making The Right Moves.
I'M Just Stuck Here İn My...

Maybe I'M Crazy But I Think I'M Here To Stay
Where My Soul'S 3,000 Miles Away
I Don'T Need A Million Dollar Deal To Make Me
Damn I Miss You
I'D Walk Back To Get You İf I Could
Can'T Stand Another Night İn Hollywood
I Need Another Way To Open Up My Mind

It'S Not Fair
How'D You Get So Far Away
The More I İmagine Me There
The More The Memories Fade
And I Won'T Be Coming Back Anytime

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