John Hiatt / Motorboat To Heaven Şarkı Sözü

You Bring Out The Fool İn Me
The Blind Man At The Bar
Who Whistles For His Drink And His Cane
And Shows Everyone His Scar

You'Re Lovely, And You'Re Cruel
You Got Me İn A Trance
You Put My Soul İn Those Hot, Hot Coals
And You Make My Spirit Dance

Motorboat To Heaven
Baby'S Got The Key
Tell Me, How Am I 'Sposed
To Get İn Close
Back Here On These Waterskis

You Tell Me Everything
It Makes Me Want To Hide
But I Know There Ain'T No Place, That Can Erase
All The Things I Feel İnside

So I'M Out Here İn The Wind
It Seems To Be My Fate
To Cruise The Night, Like Some Lost Kite
Who Knows İt'S Just Too Late

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