John Kay / Rage Şarkı Sözü

Words And Music By John Kay, Rocket Ritchotte And Michael Wilk

Runnin' Wild, Trouble Round The Corner
The Story Of Your Life
You Got Your Bruises Livin' İn The Battle Zone
And Now You'Re Flyin' Blind
Searching For A Savior, To Help You Survive
But Empty Promises Are Cold Comport
When All Your Creams Are Gone
You Slowly Get The Feelin' Life'S Been Dealinfrom The Bottom Of The Deck
Your Blood İs Boiling Over, Fuse İs Getting Short
Here Comes Trouble On The Double, As You Explode İnto A

Rage And Rant Against The World Again
Ain'T Nobody Listening To You
Scream And Shout İnto The Wind İn Vain

Standin' Alone, Holdin' Back Your Burden
You'Re Slowly Turnin' Numb
Where Are The Friends, That You Always Knew Were Good As Gold
You'Re On Your Own, Tryin' To Stop The Hurtinstill The Worst İs Yet To Come
You Swallow Hard And You Cling To What The Dawn May Hold
But The Light You'Ve Been Watching At The End Of The Tunnel
Turns Out To Be A Hoax

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