John Waite / I-95 Şarkı Sözü

In The Cruel Month Grey Morning
I Woke Up Freezing Cold
To Possibly Start Over
Before The Day Got Old
To My Anger İn My Solitude
I Had To Say Goodbye
So I Turned On My İgnition
No Reason To Deny
From The Canyons On The Sidewalks
Where The Wall St. Banners Fly
To The Farmlands And The Deserts
And The Flying Saucer Skies
To The Running Of The Life Lines
The Highway Spirits Rhyme
There'S A Voice That Speaks So Clear To Me
And Says
And I Say Hey Hey Hey Yeah
I'M So Glad I'M Alive
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
I'M So Glad I Can Drive
Burning Down I-95
It'S A Simple Song Of Freedom
And İt Feels Like De Ja Vu
Tai Jean Knew About İt
John Lennon Sang İt Too
It'S The Ringing Bell Of Truth And Free Speech
On The Radio
It'S There İn The Constitution

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