John Wesley Harding / Long Dead Gone Şarkı Sözü

It'S So Easly To Forgo, So Hard To Forget
So Hard For To Realise That I'M Not Dead Yet
When Everything That We Wanted İs Beyond Beyond
And All That I Hoped For İs Long Dead Gone

So How Can I Sleep İn This Memory Bed
Where I Feel Like A Grave With A Tomb For A Bedhead
With Your Name And My Name Carved Deep İn The Stone
Now Faded Away Cos We'Re Long Dead Gone

We'Re Long Dead Gone, Long Dead Gone
Now Faded Away Because We'Re Long Dead Gone

And Love Lies Bewildered, Checking İts Pulse
To See İf İt Compares To Anything Else
And Two Things Still Beating, But Never As One
And One Thing Lies Choking Cos İt'S Long Dead Gone

So Here Rests İn Pieces
Whatever İt Was That We Could Admit To
Whatever İt Was That Was Me And You

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