Josh Gracin / Nothin' To Lose Şarkı Sözü

It Was Noon Time, Down Time, Break Time
Summertime, Miller Time, Anytime
She Was Looking Pretty Fine
A Red Light, Green Light, Go
All Fired Upside Downtown
She Was Shaking Me All Around
I Was Tuned İn, Going Nowhere, Second Wind
Jonesing, Drooling, Feeling Good, İf You Would

Oh Yeah, By The Way She Moves
She'S Got Me Rolling İn Dirt İn A White T-Shirt
Breaker Breaker 1-9 She'S A Big Ol' Flirt
By Now She'S Got Me Pretty Tied Up
Tied Down, Any Way I Choose
I Got Nothin' To Lose

In Like Flynn, İ Was Looking For The Win
Just Trying Anything, Hey
Baby, Where You Been

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