Judas Priest / Rae Deal Şarkı Sözü

I Made A Spike About Nine Oclock On A Saturday
All Eyes Hit Me As I Walked İnto The Door
Then ? ? ? And Then The Guys Were Fooling İn The Demin Dudes
A Couple Cards Played Rough Stuff, New York, Fire İsland

I Cased The Joint, Straining At The Scenes

I Moseyed Up To The Counter And The Tender Came A-Grinnin
I Snapped The Smile Off His Face And Scowled Give Me A Bourbon
The Mirror On The Wall Was Collecting And Reflecting
All The Heavy Bodies Ducking, Stealing Eager For Some Action
The Scene Screwed Me Up, I Saw Some Contact
Then The Big Boys, Saw Me And Knew That

Id Had Too Much, Floating Around
Statues Alive, Seconds Are Hours

Sacks Like A Hurricane, Wrapped İn And Shattered
I Was Barely Holding On To This Flying Body Symphony
I Guess I Dream İn Pictures, Not Colors
The True Free Expression I Demand İs Human Rights - Right

I Gave My Life, I Am İmmortal

Im Going, No Loss
Im Going, No Loss
Im Going, No Loss
Im Going, No Loss

Nightmare, Just A Bunch Of Goddamn, Rotten, Steaming, Raw

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