Jughead's Revenge / Pain Şarkı Sözü

Ake A Piece Of Concrete
And Stick İt İn My Face
I Like To Play With Razor Blades
I Hate The Human Race
Kick Me When I'M Down
Come Up And Rip My Shirt
My Dad Will Buy Another One
Especially İf I'M Hurt
I Dig Pain
The Feeling İn My Brain
The Scratchin' The Bashin' The Clawin' The Trashinthe Given' The Gettinand The Total Blood Lettin' Drive Me İnsane
I Dig Pain
I Love To Do The Pogo
And I Love To Do The Slam
But İt'S Nothing Like The Feeling
Like A Knife Stuck İn My Hand
Now You Can Never Stop Me
From Being What I Choose
And İf You Try To Shut Me Up
Some Skin You'Re Gonna Lose

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