Julianna Hatfield / Mabel Şarkı Sözü

Who Are You?
I Can'T Remember Your Name.
Where Am I?
What Was I Gonna Say?
What'S The Time?
What Day İs İt Today?
I Feel Fine, I'Ll Probably Be Okay.
Hey... Hey... Hey ...

Hi, Banana. Hi, Spaghetti, Hi.
Mommy'S Back, He'S Gonna Tuck You İn Tonight.
Mommy'S Sorry, She Gave You Such A Fright.
Mommy'S Home, He'S Gonna Be All Right.

Check Out That Lady X3
She'S Talking To Herself.
Check Out That Lady X3
She'S Gonna Go To Hell.

Realize She'S İn A Different Place.
Realize Her Lack Of Social Grace.
She Can Take The Smile Off His Face.
He Wants To Take Her Somewhere She'Ll Be Safe.
Hey... Hey... Hey... Hey...

Set The Table Dancin' On The Table.
Clear Her Place Because She İs Unable, Mabel.
He Looks At Her And He Wonders Where She İs.
She Smiles A Little And She Tells Him She İs His.

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