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Scene One
Curtain Up.
See The Couple, Coffee Shop
Beatniks Beating Out Beebop
Rainy Day, Skies Are Grey
But The Couple Feeling Gay
Boy İs Laughing At Her Joke
Girl, Embarrassed, Takes A Smoke
She Should Quit, Yes She Knows
But She'S Happy As She Blows
Down The Cafe, Through The Bar
Pass The Hippies And The Jars
Of The Bean That They Drink
Everyday, Every Week
They Should Quit, Coffee'S Bad
Makes You Crazy, Fucking Mad
But They Say İn Defense:
(With A Pause For Suspense)
"It'S The Stuff Of The Gods
Sexy Smart Hot Rods!
Roller Coaster! Hurricanes!
Super-Sonic Jet Planes!"
They Should Quit, Yes They Know
But Where The Hell Would They Go?
They'Re Like Me, İn A Bind...
Don'T You See?
Love Ain'T Blind

I Could Make A Habit Out Of You

Scene Two.
Same Play
Same People
Different Day
In A Car With No Top
No Speed Limits, No Cops
Girl İs Driving, She'S The Queen
In Control Of This Machine
She İs Talking Much Too Loud
Excited By The Sound
They Are Screaming, Buzzing Hard
Open Road, Super Car
What They Need İs Some Speed
105 İs The Key
Life İs Short, So They Say
Carpe Diem, Seize The Day
Unlike Me, İn A Bind

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