Junction 18 / Abeyance Şarkı Sözü

We'Re Sitting İn Between Our Eyes
When İ Notice
There'S No Friction
İn These December Skies
Oh İ Wonder Why
We Can'T Continue Our Own Lives

Our Chance Past
İ Just Want To Know İt
But Then You Go Away
So Many Things Left For Another Day
But İ Want To Last
İ Won'T Just Show İt
İ Can'T Remember Why
But İ Hope You Had Your Say

İt'S Always About This Time
When İ Start To Think About
All Those Things
İ Know You Could Do Without
You Left Me Standing Here
İ Can'T Face This Fear
Who Cares
İ Guess That'S What You Say

Why Has This All Gone Wrong
İ'D Never Think To Notice
But Then You Were Gone
Now İ'M Left Alone
Standing İn The Cold

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