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Many, Many Moons Ago
Jurassic 5
Began Their Quest
To Put Real Hip Hop On The Radio

Now Here'S A Little Story That Must Be Heard
About The Brother With The Word Sounds So Superb
It Started Way Back With These Emcees
Now Here'S A Little Somethin On The History

A-D, Been Since One-Nine-Eight-Three
R To The A-P-P-I-N
Eighty-Four Was The Year I Picked Up The Pen
At The Same Time Breakin Tryin' To Come On İn
But I Was Already İn Since Way Back When
One-Nine-Seven-Five, The Saga Began
R To The O-B-O-T-I-N
Eighty-One I Was P-O-P-P-I-N
One-Nine-Eighty-Two D-J-İn
Eighty-Three İt Was All About Run-Dmc Man
A Gangbanger Taught Me How To Break Dance Then
The Same Year I Picked Up The Pen
And Wrote My First Rhyme And Got That Feelin
And Now I'M Here İn The Flesh Still Dope Still Death
Tryin' To Get My Song (Rockin On The Radio)

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