Juvenile / Ha Şarkı Sözü

That'S You With That Bad Ass Benz Ha
That'S You That Can'T Keep Yo' Old Lady
Cause You Keep Fuckin Her Friends Ha
You Gotta Go To Court Ha
You Got Served A Subpeona For Child Support Ha
That Was That Nerve Ha
You Ain'T Even Much Get A Chance To Say A Word Ha
I Know İ Ain'T Trippin Don'T Your Brother Got Them Birds Ha
You Ready To Bust One Of Them Niggaz Head Ha
You Ain'T Scared Ha
You Know How To Play İt Ha
I Know You Ain'T Just Gonna Let A Nigga Come And Punk You Ha
Stunt And Front You Ha
Straight Up Run You Ha
You Know Who Got That Fire Green Ha
You Know How To Use A Triple Beam Ha
Shit Ain'T Hard As İt Seems Ha
You Keep Your Body Clean Ha
You Got A Lot Of Girbaud Jeans Ha
Some Of Your Partners Dope Fiends Ha
You Really Don'T Want To Fuck With Them Niggaz Ha
You Come Up With Them Niggaz Ha
You Stuck With Them Niggaz Ha

(Chorus 2x)
You A Paper Chaser
You Got Your Block On Fire
Remaining A G Until The Moment You Expire
You Know What İt İs Yo Make Nothing Out Of Something
You Handle Your Biz And Don'T Be Cryin And Suffering

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