Kaci Brown / Cadillac Hotel Şarkı Sözü

(Kaci Brown &Amp; Toby Gad)

Might See Us A Cute Surfer Boy Somewhere Out There
That'D Be Nice

Crazy Man'S Preachin' İn The Street İn The Morninsayin' White Man'S Corrupted The World
And Jesus Ain'T Comin
The Seagulls Are Laughin' And I Finish My Coffee
In A Little Café On The Corner Of Rose And Dudley
The Sand Falls From My Hand As I Pick Up My Guitar
I Lay Out A Blanket - Kiss The Sun As I Sing
Words From My Heart...
Then You Make Your Way To The Place Where I Am And I'M Like Hey
Won'T You Come Listen To Me Play?

I Wanna See The Sun Rise On The Roof Of The Ca-Ca-Cadillac Hotel
I Wanna Spend The Whole Night Under The Stars
Singing To You Until...
I Melt İn Your Lips, Taste Your Sweet Kiss Of Candy Caramel

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