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The Sparks Of The Tempest Rage A Hundred Years On
The Voice Of The Dreamer Screams, The Cause Of The Pawn
The King And The Queen Are Gone, Each Piece İs The Same
The Difference Between Us İs A Part Of The Game

Darkness İs Spreading Like A Spot On The Sun
The Dead Are The Living İn The Age Of The Gun
While Everyone Clamors For The Justice They Seek

The Word İs Corrupted And The Strong Take The Weak

They Mold You And Shape You, They Watch What You Do
The Sparks Of The Tempest Are Burnin' You Through
Spreading Like Wildfire, Fallin' Like Rain
Though They May Promise, They Only Bring Pain

The Future İs Managed, And Your Freedom'S A Joke
You Don'T Know The Difference As You Put On The Yoke
The Less That You Know The More You Fall İnto Place
A Cog İn The Wheel, There İs No Soul İn Your Face

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