Kardinal Offishall / Da Brown Şarkı Sözü

Intro [Kardinal Offishall]
Yo Yo, This İs Me
(What'S Going On Kardinal?)
Yo, Here The Other Day I Was Walking On The E-W Right
(Uh Huh)
A Crew Man Come Up To Me
Talking, Talking The... You Know What I Mean
(Yo, Niggas Can'T Front On The Uptown Nigga)
Yo, You Know How, You Know You Know You Know The Deal, You Know What I Mean
(Of Course I Know The Deal, İt'S The E-W Son)
Yo, Check İt Out, You I Can Tell Them, You Know What I'M Saying
(What You Say?)
Yo Yo Yo, Check İt Out Yo
[Kardinal Offishall]
Yo Niggas Be Crazy To Pass Me, Last Seed To See Me
Saw Me Before He Was His Rap Dream Die With All Of His Team
Yo F.O.S. Niggas Scheme On How To İnfiltrate A Milly Stock
Mooch Or Cream Silly, Go For Delf
What You Like How We Go Back To Cali, Kick A Suede Walking Billy
Hoes Like Big Willy İn Their Pelle Pelle Pelle
Fonzarelli, I Burn Niggas
Roll With The Do Anything To Earn Niggas
You Learn Niggas, F.O.S. Don'T Pull Triggers
We Pull Out A Stack And Pay A Nigga To Make You Die Quicker
Rolling İn Sauk'S Acura
Dial The Cellular, To The G-Man
Contemplate D-Plan, Make Everything Swing

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