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Dickie 6 - "This Here'S Dickie 6, I Need A Radio Check My One Point Seventy Nine, Come Back"
Black Dong - "You Got Black Dong Here, Biggest And Most Powerful Thing İn The World, Back"
D6 - "Yeah, Black Dong, I Just Left The Titty Car Wash İn Hurricane. They Got A Fourteen Year Old Girl İn The Cabin With Daddy Puttin' Her Hand On The Stove, Trying To Put The Fear Of Jesus İn Her And I'M Just Trying To Appeal To Her Better Side."
Bd - "Hey, Hey, That'S All Fine And Dandy. I'M Travelling Up 79, Going Past Charleston. Might Stop Off And See A Little Honey Of Mine Named Alison. But I'M Really Looking For Bald Knob, You Got Your Ears On? What'S Your Twenty Knob?"≪
Knob - "Knob, I Have Got These Whores, I Got Ten Ful, Every Chain Man Does, And Every Wet Station'S On My Knee. I'M Gonna Me-Xi-Co. I'M Looking For Some Sexual Healin'. Why Don'T You Boys Meet Me Up At The Bar İn Mo-Town."
Black Dong - *(Car Turns Round, Tires Screeching)* "Wow, That'S A Good İdea, I'Ll Bypass Charleston And Meet You İn Morgantown. What Do You Think Dickie?"
D6 - "I Got The Pedal To The Metal Now, I'M Heading To Mo-Town."
Bd - "Bald Knob!"
K - "Knob!!!"

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