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Albüm : A Different Me

[Verse 1:]
Before You Start Telling Me Things I Don'T Wanna To Hear (I Don'T Wanna Hear)
Before You Pull Up A Seat Let Me Make İt Clear (Let Me Make İt Clear)
I Can Buy My Own Liquor, Got İt Paid 4 I'M A Go-Getta, I'M Not A Gold-Digger
I Know İt'S Kinda Hard Not Stepping To The Finest Thing İn The Club
See Ya Getting Yo Boss On, Bottles Of Patron, Few Bottles Of Bub
Not Saying I Ain'T Feeling You, But There'S Some Things I Just Won'T Do
So Come On Over İf İt'S Cool

You Just Know İt'S Gonna Take More Than 1 Drink To Get Me Home.
I Know You Didn'T Ask But I Thought You Should Know
It Ain'T That Easy (Easy)
I'M Not That Easy (Easy) To Go (To Go)
Thought You Should Know (Know, Know, Know) [X4]

[Verse 2:]
I'M Feeling Yo Confidence I Think İt'S Kinda Cute
The Swag That Make Most Girls Give İt Up To You
It'S Hard But I Know Betta
Gotta Watch Cause Your So Cleva
I Just Might Let Ya
I Recognize You'Re Built Like An Athlete Everybody Showing Ya Love
White Tee, Fly Jeans, Fresh Kicks See You Got Just Enough Thug
You Can Say I'M Feeling You, But There'S Somethings I Just Won'T Do
So Come On Over İf İt'S Cool


Hey Baby, You Can Come Talk To Me
All I Want İs Your Company
Ain'T No Need For You To Front For Kesh Cause I Like İt I Do
I Think You Should Come See Bout Me
Maybe Here İs Where You Need To Be
I Just Want To Take İt Slowly Cause I Like İt I Do


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