Kiss / I Şarkı Sözü

I Was So Frightened
I Almost Ran Away
I Didn'T Know That I Could Do
Anything I Needed To
And Then A Bolt Of Lightning
Hit Me On My Head
Then I Began To See
I Just Needed To Believe İn Me

Now I, I Believe İn Me
And I, I Believe İn Something More
Than You Can Understand
Yes, I Believe İn Me

They Said I Didn'T Stand A Chance
İ Wouldn'T Win No Way
But I'Ve Got News For You
There'S Nothing I Can'T Do
Ain'T No Pretending
Ain'T No Make Believe
But I'Ve Got To Be The One
I Gotta Do What Must Be Done

I Believe İn Me
Yes, I Believe İn Me - Yeah

I Don'T Need No Money
I Don'T Need No Fame....No
I Just Need To Believe İn Me
And I Know Most Definitely
Don'T Need To Get Wasted
It Only Holds Me Down
I Just Need A Will Of My Own
And The Balls To Stand Alone


Well Do You Really
Yes, I Believe İn Me
Do You Do You
Yes, I Believe İn Me
I Wanna Rock 'N Roll
Yes, I Believe İn Me!

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