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Albüm : Korn

Mother Please Forgive Me
I Just Had To Get Out All My Pain And Suffering
Now That I Am Done, Remember I Will Always Love You
I'M Your Son

Little Child, Looking So Pretty
Come Out And Play, I'Ll Be Your Daddy
Innocent Child, Looking So Sweet
A Rape İn My Eyes And On Your Flesh I'Ll Eat

You'Ve Raped!
I Feel Dirty
It Hurt!
As A Child
Tied Down!
That'S A Good Boy
And Fucked!
Your Own Child
I Scream!
No One Hears Me
It Hurt!
I'M Not A Liar
My God!
Saw You Watching
Mommy Why?!
Your Own Child

It'S Alright

I Didn'T Touch You There
Mama Said She Didn'T Care
I Didn'T Touch You There
That'S Why Mama Stopped And Stared

I Fucking Hate You! Mother Fucker!
Mother Fucker! I Fucking Hate You! Fuck You!
You Son Of A Bitch, You Fucking Ruined My Life!
I Wanted To Die!
I'M Sick Of İt, Mother Fucker . . . Oh Oh
Why'D You Fuck'N Do İt To Me?
I Hate You!
I Fuck'N Hate You!
I Hate You!
I Hate You!

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