Maestro Fresh Wes / Bring İt On (remix) Şarkı Sözü

[Maestro Fresh Wes]
My Poetry İs Black Like Jesus
You Niggas Can'T See This, My Metaphorical Thesis, Breezes
Past All You Niggas With Your Silly Shitty Poems
You'Re Faker Than A Hoe With Titties Filled With Silicone (Uh Huh)
Well I'M A Glock And You'Re A Slingshot
When I'M Done You'Ll Want To Quit, You Want To Fling Rock
Well, I'Ll Be Cruising By, You'Ll Never See A Smoother Guy
Niggas Getting Smoked Just Like The Buddha Tye
I'M Rocking Well Like Orson, Scortching On The Porchinof Course I'M Forced To Like My Man Shawn Morrison
Here'S A Small Portion With No Distortion
But Niggas Always On My Fucking Dick Like Foreskin
They Want To Swallow My Gism (Yeah)
They Must Be On A Mission (Uh Huh)
I Need A Circumcision On The Mic Mechanism
Maestro'S The True Boss, You And Your Crew Lost
Before You Fuck Around You Better Fuck With Blue Cross
I'M Leaving Dumb Niggas Homeless, Domeless
I'M Proneless, So Don'T Try To Clone This
Style Or Procedure, Because I Ain'T Even Trained(?) Yet
I Bank A Check With Attitude Like Antoinette
I'M Still Smoking Whether I Open Or Close The Shoews
Like Shabba Ranks, I Got Trailer Loads Of Hoes (Ahh Yeah)
The Mega Don, Everywhere I Get İt On
I Fucked Every Colour, Now They Call Me Benetton
Black And The White, Red And The Bronze, Even A Chinese Ying
All Kinds Of Skins, Man I Shine Like A Diamond Ring
You Feel Around I'M The Man With The Meanest Song

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