Maestro Fresh Wes / Pray To Da East Şarkı Sözü

Pray To The East, Pray To The East...

I Got My Man İn The Studio
One Of The İllest Mc'S İn The World
Rhyme Inspector Percee P
Kick Some Flavor For 94, Baby

Pray To The East, Pray To The East
Before You Fuck Around, Nigga, Pray To The East ( 2x )

[ Percee P ]
Your Skills Lack While I'M Still Strapped
With Real Raps, And Feel That I Should Kill Wack
Niggas That Peel Caps And That İll Crap
Bigger Threat Than You With Your Tec When I Rip The Set
Niggas Get Smoked Like A Cigarette, So Hit The Deck
Watch Ya Chin, Nigga, Ho-Chi-Min When I Rock My Shit
When İt Comes To Props I Get Lots Of İt
I Can Get Madonna, Money, Your Threats Are Minor
And Bet You Find Your Girl With A Wet Pijama
Drippin With My Cassette Behind Her
Got More Band Trail Than Your Hand'S Sellin
Fans Scalin, Jam Railin Like İt'S Van Halen
Skills Scored High On Billboards, I Kill Frauds
Get Real Applausesteal Broads' Hearts At Will Force
Hate A Mark, Skills Lay A Squad, And Pray To God
Don'T Say A Hard Verse Worse Than A Plate Of Lard
Percee P Wanted For First Degree
Murder, Since You Heard İt First From Me, You Wors

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