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[Corey "Koko" Whittingham]
Baby Won'T You Let Me Hold You
In My Arms For Ever More
I Conduct Your Fantasy
In A Private Symphony

[Maestro Fresh Wes]
Picture You And I
Way Up İn The Sky
Flying Over Oceans, While The Clouds Go Passing By
I Kiss You On Your Lips, And Taste Your Scented Neck
We'Re Going On A Trip, We'Ll Never Ever Forget
I'Ll Take You On A Voyage (Voyage), Travelling Hand İn Hand
Yeah, I'M Like An Orchestra
Your Body, I Command
Conducting, İnstructing, You Won'T Need To Move
I'Ll Tell You Straight Up Girl, Won'T Nobody Disturb This Groove
You'Ve Been More Than Just My Lover
You'Ve Been My Lady, A Special Friend To Me
So Take My Hand And Lets Engage İn A Private Symphony

Chorus [Koko]
Darling Let Me Dedicate This
Moment To My Love Affair
Look İnto My Eyes Well Can'T You See
[Maestro] You And Me
[Koko] In A Private Symphony

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