Maestro Fresh Wes / Tear İt Up Şarkı Sözü

[Ltd] Yo Maestro, Let'S Go. You Ready Man?
[Maestro Fresh Wes] Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I'M Ready
[L] Yo, Let'S Trash İt Up Man. Show All These Suckers What Time İt İs
[M] Aight
[L] You Know What I'M Sayin', Word. So Here İt İs
[M] Let'S Get İt Over With
[L] Tear İt Up Now

[Maestro Fresh Wes]
Rolling, Strolling, Rockin' And Rollinone Hundred Dollar Bills I'M Unfolding
Crowds Are Controling
Lyrics Are Golden, Yes The Beats Dope
But Nope İt'S Not Stolen
Words Are Forbidden, No I Ain'T Kidding
Check Any Damsel, Maestro İs Ridden
'Nuff Ammunition, Capable Precision
Kill Competition, Like A Religion
Mcs I'M Cussing, They Ain'T Nothing
Egos I'M Crushing, Asses I'M Busting
Fly Girls I Rack, Skeezos I Slap Them
Sucker I Jack Up, I Don'T Rap Up

I Tear İt Up!

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done
Too Late To Run, Maestro İs One
You'Re No Ruler To Me
You'Re More Like A Liar

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