Maestro Fresh Wes / The Maestro Şarkı Sözü

[Maestro Fresh Wes]
I Can'T Keep Still, I Can'T Keep Calm
I Think I Feel Another Brainstorm Coming On
Pure Lsd, That'S What I'M Climbing
Not Lucy İn The Sky With Diamonds I'M Rhyming
Lyrics So Dope And Microphones Smoking
Straight Down Your Throat And That'S Why You'Re Choking
I Ain'T Joking, That'S Why You'Re Stifling
Rebirth, Retreat, I'M Rhythmn Rap Rifling
Rhyming, No Reurns Or Recycling
A Fresh Batch To Mcs I'M Frightening
Funky And Fighting, Stay İn Striking
My Brainstorm'S Like Thunder And Lightening
Beats Go Boom, Sound İs İn Tune
You'Re A Joker, A Riddler, I'M Dr. Doom
You Say Doctor Who? *Echoed*
I Tell You, My Symphony İs You And Your Crew
It'S The Danger Dome Using The Maestro Zone
Like Supertramp Take The Long Way Home
I Used To İll, Now I Build
Rock Rhymes Like Bills(?) Set Up To Kill
When İt Rains İt Pours, I Got Rhymes Gallor
Like Al B., Maestro İs Sure
Something'S Wrong, That'S Why I'M Singing My Song
How Long Will This Go On?
When Ben Clocked Bronze *Echoed*, They Weren'T Bragging
But When He Clocked Gold, They Started Tagging
Jump On The Bandwagon, Grinning And Smiling
"3 Day Later" He'S From The İslands
Turn Off My Radio, Turned Up My Stereo

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