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"You Won The Fight So Easily" ≪-- Announcer
"You Won The Fight So Easily" ≪-- Announcer
"Is There A Challenge Out There For You Right Now?" ≪-- Announcer

[Maestro Fresh Wes]
Lyrically, I Am Untouchable
Lately, I Have Put Enough Of Bull
From İntroduct Right Through Appendix
Saddle And Straddle, Like The Late Hendrix
First Came Hays Then Came Rain
Sucker Mcs That Play The Same Game
Lame, Name, They Should Be Tame
Bound, Gagged, Chained Even Slain
Ripped And Stripped, That'S What I Pray For
This Game, Use Your Own Brain
Live And Rising, But Not Surprising
Whole Of The Other Years And I'M Heisman
Scheming, Screaming, You'Re Only Dreaming
Say My Name İn Vain, You'Re Blast Semem

"Do You Have An İdea About Your Next Opponent?" ≪-- Announcer
"Just Take All Comers" ≪-- Mike Tyson

[Maestro Fresh Wes]
Just Like Van Halen, I'M Wailing Scaling
Easy Said, But Not Failing, But Bailing
Schoolin', Not Fallen Or Foolinı Play İn The After The Class I'M Just Coolinstalking, Not Walking Or Talking To You
Or Your Crew, Say Boo, I'M Just Rocking
I'M Roaming, Not Alone İn My Home

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