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I'M From The Ninth Ward (Been There Since The Day I Was Born)
From The Ninth Ward (Got Us Coming Up Like A Storm)
From The Ninth Ward (Niggas Better Sound The Alarm)
Here Come The Ninth Ward,Ninth Ward Hard

Bitch,I Was Born And Raised İn The Ninth Ward
So You Niggas Don'T Bother Me
You Can Say What You May About The Ninth Ward
But I Bet You Won'T Follow Me
'Cross That Canal Where My Niggas Dwell
You Know Me Well
Cause I Sold Rocks, Upon My Block
Till I Was Hotter Than Hell
Every Nigga Down Here Remember Me
Nothin' Really Changed But My Gold Teeth
I'M Still That Same Nigga From My Flood Street
Only Difference Now İs That I'M On My Feet
And I Don'T Sell Dope No Modon'T Rob No Momane A Nigga Don'T Plot No Mocause I'M Performing İn Shows
Shakin' Off Hoes
Smokin' On Optimos
It'Ll Be A World War 3 Fuck With Me
Now My Niggas Won'T Let That Ride
I'M The Only Nigga Out Chere Screaming 9th Ward
So People Tryin' To Keep Me Alive
Everywhere I Go They See The Nine On My Arm
And They Swear That I'M İn A Gang
But Nigga This İs A Warning, I'M 'Bout My Hands
Like I'M 'Bout Them Motherfucking Thangs
I'M Trouble Starter Just Like My Father
He Was Raised İn The Nine
So İf You Cut My Arm İt Still Tated İn My Mind
No Matter Millions Or Which Ever The Situation Might Come
I'Ll Never Forget You Niggas
Never Forget Where The Fuck I'M From

You Know You Could Take The Nigga Out The Nine
But You Can'T Take The Nine Out Of Nigga
Pulling Capers İs My Nature
I'M Addicted To Making Paper
Got My Own Way Of Living
Bitch I'M From The C-T-C
Where Niggas Roam Around Looking For Beef
Killing For Free
I Take This Ward Shit To Heart
It'S Tated On My Arm
So Me And My Niggas Never Part
I Keep You Niggas İn My Mind
For Every Clucker That I Serve
For Every Nigga That I Shot
For Every Tourist That I Robbed
To Every God Damn Rock
For Every Cop That Done Chased Me
To The Bitches That Hate Me
What Have You Done For Me Lately
For Every Neighbor That Was Peeking At Four O'Clock İn Da Morn
It Never Helped To Lock Me Up
You Could'Ve Left Me Alone
We Learned To İmprovise On My Block
Never Had A Ball
We Played Football Wit' A Concrete Rock
Now Picture That
I Could Never Forget My Mission
I'M A Turn The Nine İnto Something Bigger That Yo' Vision
Before I'M Done The World'Ll Scream

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