Magneta Lane / Daggers Out! Şarkı Sözü

Don'T You Know?
Don'T You Know The Blood Now?
[As John Now, His Arm Now]???
You'Ll Find İt Time To Change

Just Wait Now
Hold On Now
Learn The Truth Now
He'S Shot Now
And Somehow
We'Ll All Just Disappear

We'Re Dancing
They'Re Dancing
Hanging On To Your [Damn Man]??
And They'Re Telling You
Things That You Would Rather Hear And See
We'Re Dancing
They'Re Dancing
He'S Dancing Alive
But İn Time We'Ll All Just Go To Sleep

Can'T You Find?
Can'T You Find The Right Time - The Right Time To Change Your Face?

Protect Her
Protect Her
Your Arms
As Daggers
Five Daggers
Have Disappeared
Your Hands

We'Re Dancing
They'Re Dancing
And They'Re Telling Things You Would Rather Hear And See
They'Re Dancing
We'Re Dancing

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