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I'M Gonna Give You Some Anger
Coming Straight Form My Heart
I'Ve Had Enough Now
I Don'T Even Know Where To Start
To Tell You Why My Heart Do Cry
When I See All The Damage Caused By My Brothers İn Faith
You Make Up Rules You Build Up Walls
You Think You'Re Building The Kingdom Of God
Instead You'Re Ruining İt
You'Re So Radical And Proud Of İt
It Makes Me Sick

(Now Take A Look At What You Do)
You'Re So Radical
(You Think That Christ İs Pleased With You?)
Radical, But You'Re Holding Back Your Friends From His Love
(It'S God Damned)
(I'Ll Never Fit İn To Your System)
You'Re So Radical
(You Must Accept That I'M A Christian)
(I Recall The Words Of Paul: "You'Re Not The Judge")

You'Re Not The Judge
But Still You Act Like You Are
You Say Believe İn My Way Or Don'T Believe At All
Can'T You See You'Re Holding Back Your Friends
From Seeing Who Christ Really İs
He Said: Come As You Are, My Love Will Cover İt All
This İs The Deal I'M Not Like You

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