Mark Erelli / A Bend In The River Şarkı Sözü

(Mark Erelli)

It'S Just A Bend İn The River
Where The Water Slows Down
Might Not Look Like Much To You
But İt'S My Hometown

It Ain'T No Mystery
How This Town Was Born
It Started With A Couple Farms
Then The Mill And The General Store
Ever Since The Work Went South
And Those Wheels Don'T Run
The Bars Got The Churches Beat
By At Least Two To One

I'Ve Lived 'Round Here
Since I Was A Little Kid
Used To Dream Of Getting Out
Just Like The College Boys Did
Maybe I Was Born
Without A Rambling Bone
You Stay İn One Place Long Enough
And İt Starts To Feel Like Home


I Got Married Here
It'Ll Be Two Years This Spring
I Can See Her İn Her Mama'S White Dress
Every Time I Hear The Church Bell Ring
I Know Some Folks Said
She Could Do Better Than Me
But She Was Raising A Girl On Her Own
And She Was Only 19

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