Marques Houston / Naked Şarkı Sözü

Don'T Say A Word, Just Come Over Here
I Got Somethin İ Gotta Do Tonight: Listen

(Verse 1)
Ain'T Never Been A Man Wanting Anything
As Much As İ Want You
The Sun Dont Come Up Till Morning So Tonight There'S No Excuse (Mmm)
Just Like The Rain Outside I'Ll Make Your Love Come Down
So Baby Now İts Time, Just Can'T Wait No More, İm Gon' Give You What Ur Body'S Been Cryin For....
And İf U Tell Me Yes İll Lay You Down,
Girl We Aint Gotta Rush Lets Play Around
We'Ll Do İt Like We Never Done Before
So Go And Lock That Door, Baby Dont Worry Cuz İll Be Gentle

Come On, Baby Turn The Lights Off Let'S Get Naked (Ooh Come On)

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