Marshall Crenshaw / Radio Girl Şarkı Sözü

(M. Crenshaw, S. Llanas, K. Neumann)

Well I Don'T Know What She Looks Like
I'Ve Never Seen Her Face Before
But I Hear Her On My Radio
From 1a.M. Till 4
She'S Playing All My Favorite Records
She Tells Me All The Latest News
I Take Her İnto My Bed Each Night
And She Rocks Away My Blues
'Cause She'S My Girl, My Radio Girl
Well Sometimes İn The Middle Of The Night
I Call Her On The Telephone
When I Hear Her Voice On The Other End
I Don'T Feel All Alone
Then I Ask Her To Play That Old Song For Me
This İs A Man'S Man'S World
She Always Plays İt Right Away
'Cause She'S My Radio Girl

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