Marty Robbins / Abilene Rose Şarkı Sözü

All You Young Cowboys Come Gather Around
I'Ll Tell You A Story Of Abilene Town
Of Two Young Lovers As True Lovers Know
The Girl İn This Story İs Abilene Rose

Rose Rose Abilene Rose Your Mem'Ry Still Lives İn My Heart
Rose Abilene Rose We Promised We Never Would Part

Rose Was So Pretty İn Her Gingham Gown
She Was The Fairest İn Abilene Town
Her Eyes Were As Bright As The Stars Up Above
Every One Knew When She Chose Me To Love

Rose Rose Abilene Rose...

We Courted Each Other Out Under The Moon
We Planned To Be Married The First Day Of June
Then I Started Drinking And Gambling You See

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