Marty Robbins / Dusty Winds Şarkı Sözü

Ninety Days Since The Country'S Seen A Drop Of Rain
Fourty Four Since The Grass Begin To Burn
Thirsty Cattle Are Millin' Round The Old Creek Bed
Disty Winds Where The Waters Used To Churn

Dusty Winds Hear Them Blow Dusty Winds Moanin' Low
Night And Day On They Go Those Dusty Winds

Now A Cloud İn The Sky But Still The Sun Shines Dim
But Enough To Turn The Scenery Dark And Brown
Lookin' Westward İs A Dust Cloud Loomin' High İn The Sky
Shows The Trail Of Fifty Settlers Leavin' Town

Dusty Winds Hear Them Blow...

When İt'S Late İn The Evenin' İn My Cabin All Alone
It'S So Lonesome When That Wind Comes Howlin' Through
And I Think Of All The Settlers Headin' West Out Of Town

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