Marty Robbins / Pain And Misery Şarkı Sözü

Well When I Come Home This Morning
Was Still Too Dark To See
I Could Tell That Baby Wasn'T Sleepin' Next To Me
She'S Gone And Left Me
Where To, I Guess I'Ll Never Know
I Only Know Her Leavin'S Brought Pain And Misery To My Soul

Well A Note Was On The Pillow
She'S Gone Without A Doubt
I Tried To Read Her Writin' But I Couldn'T Make İt Out
The Tears Were Fallintoo Fast For Me To Even Read
Nobody Knows My Sorrow, Nobody Knows My Misery

My Friends Told Me She'D Leave Me
But I Said They Wasn'T Right
She'D Give No Word Of Warnin' She'D Be Leavin' İn The Night
Can'T Understand Her

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