Mary Chapin Carpenter / I Am A Town Şarkı Sözü

(Mary Chapin Carpenter)

I'M A Town İn Carolina, I'M A Detour On A Ride
For A Phone Call And A Soda, I'M A Blur From The Driver'S Side
I'M The Last Gas For An Hour İf You'Re Going Twenty-Five
I Am Texaco And Tobacco, I Am Dust You Leave Behind

I Am Peaches İn September, And Corn From A Roadside Stall
I'M The Language Of The Natives, I'M A Cadence And A Drawl
I'M The Pines Behind The Graveyard, And The Cool Beneath Their Shade, Where The
Boys Have Left Their Beer Cans
I Am Weeds Between The Graves.

My Porches Sag And Lean With Old Black Men And Children
Their Sleep İs Filled With Dreams, I Never Can Fulfill Them
I Am A Town.

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