Mase / Cali Chronic Şarkı Sözü

Turn İt Up

[Huddy Combs]
Yo, When I Roll You Know The Cats Be Out
So You Cowards Got No Choice But To Rat Me Out
I Call İn From The Pen To Try To See What That Be 'Bout
Cuz I Catch A Fool Slip And Yo, His Ass İs Out

[Blinky Blink]
Hud, Stay On The Low, Pop Two Cops
Thug, Against All Odds, Like Tupac
I'M Caked Up, Dog-Tired From Jacob
Platinum, Reach For İt Then Wake Up

For Top Dollar Yo, I Squeeze My Trigger
And Lord Knows, I'Ll Lead This Nigga
Cuz I'M Down For Whatever

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