Maximo Park / A19 Şarkı Sözü

A Footbridge Calls Out, Dull Metal Moans As We Clamber Over
Paint İs Repelled And Bronze Grips Hard
I Can'T Touch Such An Ugly Surface
250 Miles Away, You Need Money To Spread Your Wings
Each Town Must Bear A Name
A Lasting Testament To Organization

Sobbing And Sighing
The Scales Are Falling From Your Eyes

Green Metal Grows, Towers Toppling
They Tore İt Down Before I Took My Picture
A19, I Can'T Settle Down
The Same Attitude Engulfs This Country
My Only Aspirations Were Those Held On An A4 Printout
But Those Word Weren'T İn My Repertoire
You Can'T Cling To A Reputation

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