Mc Eiht / Drugs & Killin Şarkı Sözü

I Look At Them Niggas And Say You Don'T Know Who You Fucking With
Just Watch Your Back For Them Skan'Less Pack Of Niggas
On Me And My Seven Man Crew, They Wanna Pull The Trigger
But We On A Quest For Niggas That'S Dealin (That'S Right)
Son, İt'S Either Drugs Or Killin, C'Mon

Is You With Me? Is You With Me?
Cause These Niggas Straight Killin For Life

Damn They Done Got My Nigga (Shit)
But Before He Killed Off He Told Me Who Pulled The Trigger
(Geah, Right)
Lying İn My Arms Dying, What İs This?
And I'M Thinkin' I Gots To Handle My Business
Gots To Get My Hands On My Gat
But My G'S Say: Nigga Please We'Ll Handle That! (We Got That!)
As They Procede To Put The Hit Down
I Hooks Up With This Big Boss Across Town (Ping)

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