Mc Hammer / U Can't Touch This Şarkı Sözü

You Can'T Touch This (Repeat 5x)

My, My, My, My Music Hits Me So Hard
Makes Me Say "Oh My Lord"
Thank You For Blessing Me
With A Mind To Rhyme And Two Hyped Feet
It Feels Good, When You Know You'Re Down
A Super Dope Homeboy From The Oaktown
And I'M Known As Such
And This İs A Beat, Uh, You Can'T Touch

I Told You Homeboy (You Can'T Touch This)
Yeah, That'S How We'Re Living And You Know (You Can'T Touch This)
Look İn My Eyes, Man (You Can'T Touch This)
Yo, Let Me Bust The Funky Lyrics (You Can'T Touch This)

Fresh New Kicks, And Pants
You Got İt Like That, Now You Know You Wanna Dance

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