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[Mc Lyte]
I'M Too Old? What'S With That Crap?
Come On Now Brother, Age İs Just A Number
Anyway What Matters İs Your State Of Mind
And İf You Give Me Some Time I'Ll Make Your Heart All Mine
I Don'T Like Pushin And I Don'T Like Rushin
But Most Of All I Don'T Like Fussin
So Come On Now Sweetie Why Don'T Ya Stop Frontin
Besides Older Folks Come Equipped For Good Lovin
Are You Really Serious? Age Really Matters?
I Thought Telling You This, You Would Be Flattered
Well I Guess I Was Wrong Cause You Still Ain'T Widdit
.. Oh Well, Forget İt, Nope Nope
But Don'T You Dare Touch Me, You Said You Wasn'T Widdit
You Waited Too Long Now, Lyte İs Not Havin İt
I Coulda Showed You Things, Taught You How To Explore
My Question İs, What Are You Too Young For?
I Coulda Shown You Things That You Never Seen Before
Took You All Around On My Wild World Tour
But You'Re Too Young, Too Young To Have Fun
.. Oh Well, I'M Done

"I'M The Dopest Female.."
"I'M The Dopest Female That You'Ve Heard Thus Far.."

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