Mc Ren / 11:55 Şarkı Sözü

15 Ticks To Catch 15 Licks İn The Fizzot
Who Lettin' The Heads Get Chopped And Mack 10'S Pop Pop
For All Those Too Slow For The Tempo Of Tizzongue
Because All Those Who Can'T Hang Get Hung
And Those Who Can'T Take Charge Get Dault
So Come And Walk, Coming Strong
Coming Long, 'Cause We Been Down For Too Damn Long
And Not A Soldier, A Soldier
Nigga I Thought Somebody Was Older
'Cause The Days Of Bein' A Slave Livin' İn The Grave İs Over
Ain'T No More That Shall Overcome 'Cause We Been Overcame
So I'M Packin' 'Quips Full Of Golds For All You G'S Trapped İn Shame
Listen To The Sound Of The Midnight Poker Chain
Livin' İn An Underground Railroad
Takin' Aim And Set To Cause Much Pain
So Hitch A Ride On The Midnight Trizzain
One Million Ways To Die
So Devil Don'T Even Try
I'M Packed, Ready And Willin' To Get A Government Killa
So Welcome To The Land Of The Drive By

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