Meshuggah / I Şarkı Sözü

I - This Fractal İllusion Burning Away All Structure Toward The Obscene
I - To Cleanse, To Purge, To Breach Eternity And Smother All Life
Blind - These Mortal Men Of Clay, Divine And Dying İn Their Harnessed Form
I - This Furnace Of Limitless Hate. Bestial, Pure

The Pendulum Swings Semi-Attached To The Centre Of All
I Drug These Minds İnto Ruin And Contempt - The Acid Smoke Of Burning Souls

This İs An Anomaly. Disabled. What İs True?
Not Destined For İncarceration. I Crave My Nothingness

This İllness That They Whisper Of, İs That What Makes Me Fail?
I See Through The Eyes Of The Blind
Not Clear What İt İs To Be This Self I Dread, The İmmense, The Rabid I Am
The Cogs Turn, Grinding Away At Ceaselessness - Willing İt To Dust

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