Owl City / Early Birdie Şarkı Sözü

Good Evening, Shuttle Bus! Tell Me Where You'Re Going To Take Us
Someplace That I Have Never Been
It'S Chic Transportation To New Destination Where I Leave My Reflection On The G
I'D Ask But We Don'T Know How Far These İnterstates Go
Or How Deep The City Roots Go Down
In Chilly Sub-Depth Railways, The Weathered Concrete Stairways Provide Me With A
Means Of Getting Home... İf I Ever Leave

On Crystal Sand, We Sleep Hand-İn-Hand
While Soothing Words Hover Like Hummingbirds

So Many Sights To See So Wake Up Like An Early Birdie
And We'Ll Get A Head Start On The Day
Stained-Glass Skyways And Crowded 6 Lane Highways
If I Look Back When I Begin To Leave, Will They Remember Me?

Circuit Flights Bend The Lights When I Am Spent
And Tour Guides Make Happy Brides Feel Heaven-Sent

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