Papa Roach / M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement) Şarkı Sözü

Albüm : Lovehatetragedy

This Music İs My Time
To Reel Out And Rewind
I'Ll Be Brutal With Truth
I'D Rather Be Honest With My Soul
Be The Pile Of Trash
A Bum Picks Through To Get A Bite To Eat
I'M Filthy
I'M Horny
I'M Dirty Nasty Dirty
I'M Strong And Fearless
Only 'Cause I Got Rock 'N' Roll
I'M Knee-Deep İn Our Blood
Only 'Cause I Got Rock 'N' Roll
Baby C'Mon
Baby C'Mon
Break İt
Crazier Than I Ever Was
I'M Bloodied Up I Beat My Skull İn
Comin' Home İn A Body Bag
And I'M Ready To Die For Rock 'N' Roll
I Can'T Change The World
I Can Only Change Myself
I'M As Sharp As A Knife
As High As A Kite
Demented As The Night İs Long
I'M Not Sheddin' A Tear
I'M Blowin' Some Steam
Stuck İn Between
Living A Dream
Baby C'Mon

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