R.a. The Rugged Man / They Luv Me Şarkı Sözü

[R.A. The Rugged Man]
People Say I'M A Disgrace To The Human Race
I Love Overweight Women When They Sit On My Face
I'M The Opposite Overweight,Obese
No Peace, When We Come Call Police
Trash Talk, Now You Got No Teeth
Who I Be? Rugged-Rock-The-Party
One Shot, Leave Your Legs Wobbly
I'M The 2004 Version Of Heavy D
I'M A Fat Fuck But Girls, The Girls, They Love Me
Yeah I Know, I'M Dirty And Crusty
And Ugly, And I Smell Real Bad
But Bitches Still Fuck Me
Yeah You Might Heard About Me And
My Wild Ass Crew
The Port Jeff House ? The Long Island Zoo

Hey, Yeah, Yeah-Yah, "Girls... The Girls"

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