Sarah Connor / 1+1=2 Şarkı Sözü

One And One İs Two
And The One For Me İs You
Only You

[Verse 1]
It'S Every Time I See You I Know I Have To Have You
Cause Baby You Just Drive Me Wild
Can'T Get You Out Of My Mind
I Feel Just Like I Wanna Lay
So Close To You That People Say
The Two Of Us Are Merging
Oh Baby This İs Urgent

One And One İs Two And Baby The One For Me İs You
Now That You'Ve Learned The Abc You'Re Ready To Come İnside My Dreams
All I Wanna Do İs Show You A Love You Never Knew
So I Will Sing This Song To You And Make You See One And One İs Two

[Verse 2]
Now Listen:
And When We Are Together, The Feeling'S So Much Better
Just You And Me We Take A Ride
To Get İnto Our İnside
Dive Deeper Than The Ocean'S Deep
Climb Higher Than The Mountain'S Peak
So Let Us Start The Merging
Cause Baby This İs Urgent


Love İs On My Mind, Can I Get You İn Tonight
One And One İs Two, Baby, Baby
Up, Down, All Around Let Us Turn İt İnside Out
One And One İs Two

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