Sarcofago / Pact Of Cum Şarkı Sözü

Beat Me, Whip Me, Suck Me
Seal The Pact Of Cum
When She Starts To Suck
I Feel My Bloody Boiling
Her Tongue İn Constant Moving
My Pistol İntensely Pumping

Your Piss İn My Throat, My Jysm İn Your Mouth
We Had Sealed The Pact Of Cum
United Souls İn Depravation And Lust
We Had Sealed The Pact Of Cum
She'S My Best Dream, The Worst Nightmare
I Love So When She Hurts Me With That Bloody Lash
No Law İnside These Walls
Nobody Will Stop Us Tonight
Racking You With The Delights Of The Flesh
Can You Feel Our Souls İn Desire?
Damned Bitch, Savage Goddess
Bless Me With Your Angry
Ride Me 'Til Death
Bathing İn My Jysm
Barking With Pleasure
My Dick İn Her Ass
Convultions Among Excrements

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