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I Harfi İle Başlayan Şarkılar (1101 - 1200 / 6339)

  1. If I Had You (Judy Garland)
  2. If I Had You (Brenda Lee)
  3. If I Had Your Love (Michael Bolton)
  4. If I Have To Be Alone (Up Against It version) (Utopia)
  5. If I Have To Die (Amy Grand)
  6. If I Hit (112)
  7. If I Kiss You (will You Go Away) (Marion Worth)
  8. If I Knew (Helloween)
  9. If I Knew Then (Lady Antebellum)
  10. If I Let You Go (Westlife)
  11. If I Like It, I Do It (Jamiroquai)
  12. If I Live Or If I Die (John Vanderslice)
  13. If I Lost Her (Joe Diffie)
  14. If I Lost Your Love (Mel Tillis)
  15. If I Love Again (Judy Garland)
  16. If I'm Dreaming My Life (David Bowie)
  17. If I'm Not Right (Tyler Hilton)
  18. If I'm On The Late Side (Faces)
  19. If I'm Vacant (Sicko)
  20. If I'm Wrong (Flying Blind)
  21. If I Needed Someone (The Beatles)
  22. If I Never Get To Love You (Marianne Faithfull)
  23. If I Never Knew You (Shanice Wilson)
  24. If I Never Knew You (Cheetah Girls)
  25. If I Never Knew You (Shelby Lynne)
  26. If I Never Know You (Jon Secada)
  27. If I Never See Your Face Again (Maroon 5)
  28. If I Only Had A Brain (Jackson Browne)
  29. If I Only Had The Words (To Tell You) (Billy Joel)
  30. If I Only Knew (Tom Jones)
  31. If I Open Up My Heart To You (Amanda)
  32. If I Promise (Jerry Reed)
  33. If I Ruled The World (Tony Bennett)
  34. If I Ruled The World (Nas)
  35. If I Run (Semisonic)
  36. If I Run Into You (Joey Mcintyre)
  37. If I Should Die Tonight (Marvin Gaye)
  38. If I Should Fall Behind (Bruce Springsteen)
  39. If I Sing You A Love Song (Bonnie Tyler)
  40. If It Ain't Broke Break It (Meat Loaf)
  41. If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway (A)
  42. If It Ain't Love (Jack Green)
  43. If It Ain't One Thing (Luther Vandross)
  44. If It Ain't One Thing (it's You) (Alan Jackson)
  45. If It All Ended Tomorrow (John Cena)
  46. If It All Falls Down (Jimmy Buffett)
  47. If It Be Your Will (Leonard Cohen)
  48. If It Can't Be Found (Eagle)
  49. If It Comes To That (Jerry Reed)
  50. If It Don't Take Two (Shania Twain)
  1. If It Feels Right (Anya Marina)
  2. If It Happens Again (Ub40)
  3. If I Thought You Wouldn't Tell (Irving Berlin)
  4. If It Kills Me (Jason Mraz)
  5. If It Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow)
  6. If I Told You That (Whitney Houston)
  7. If It's All The Same To You (Jan Howard)
  8. If It's Alright (Lindsay Lohan)
  9. If It's Bumpin' (Bubba Sparxxx)
  10. If It's Cool (Mac)
  11. If It's Going To Work (K-Ci)
  12. If It's Happening You'll Know It (Matthew Sweet)
  13. If It's In You (In The Woods)
  14. If It's Lovin' That You Want (Rihanna)
  15. If It's Magic (Stevie Wonder)
  16. If It's Wrong To Love You (Jimmy Dean)
  17. If It Takes All Night (Janet Jackson)
  18. If It Wasn't For The Nights (Abba)
  19. If It Wasn't For You (Bonfire)
  20. If It Weren't For Pickpockets, I'd Have No Sexlife (Secret Lives Of The Freemasons)
  21. If I Wanted To (Melissa Etheridge)
  22. If I Wanted To Forget (Wade Hayes)
  23. If I Want To (Usher)
  24. If I Want To (Marty Robbins)
  25. If I Was A Blackbird (Silly Wizard)
  26. If I Was A Dancer (Dance Part 2) (The Rolling Stones)
  27. If I Was A Guy (Fefe Dobson)
  28. If I Was President (Wyclef Jean)
  29. If I Was Santa Claus (Atmosphere)
  30. If I Was The One (Luther Vandross)
  31. If I Was You (Saxon)
  32. If I Was Young (The Raveonettes)
  33. If I Was Your Girlfriend (Eels)
  34. If I Was Your Man (Joe)
  35. If I Was Your Vampire (Marilyn Manson)
  36. If I Was Your Woman & Walk On By (Alicia Keys)
  37. If I Were (Chuck Berry)
  38. If I Were a Boy (Beyonce)
  39. If I Were A Carpenter (Bobby Darin)
  40. If I Were A Carpenter (Bob Seger System)
  41. If I Were A Carpenter (Flatt And Scruggs)
  42. If I Were A Man (Pussycat Dolls)
  43. If I Were An Angel (Matraca Berg)
  44. If I Were A Weapon (Suzanne Vega)
  45. If I Were Brave (Shawn Colvin)
  46. If I Were Jackie (Chely Wright)
  47. If I Were King (Queensrÿche)
  48. If I Were Smart (Shelby Lynne)
  49. If I Were You (Hoobastank)
  50. If I Were You (Collin Raye)

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