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I Harfi İle Başlayan Şarkılar (1301 - 1400 / 6339)

  1. If They Had Eyes (The Watchers Of The Earth) (Unleashed)
  2. If This Is Love (Kate DeArugo)
  3. If This Is The Last Kiss (Meat Loaf)
  4. If this is love (Jonny Lang)
  5. If This World (Jaci Velasquez)
  6. If This World Were Mine (Marvin Gaye)
  7. If Time Permits (Matthew Sweet)
  8. If Today Was Your Last Day (Nickelback)
  9. If Tomorrow Never Comes (Ronan Keating)
  10. If Trouble Was Money (Albert Collins)
  11. If U Can't Dance (Slide) (Will Smith)
  12. I Fucking Hate You (Godsmack)
  13. If U Were My Man (Sarah Connor)
  14. If We'd All Been Living In California (Frank Zappa)
  15. If We Ever Meet Again (Ft. Timberland) (Katy Perry)
  16. If We Give You A Chance (Warren G)
  17. If We Make It Through December (Merle Haggard)
  18. If We Make Love Tonight (Adina Howard)
  19. If We Never Meet Again (Merle Haggard)
  20. If We Quit (98 Mute)
  21. If We Ran The Navy (Mary Mary)
  22. If We're Not Back In Love By Monday (Merle Haggard)
  23. If We Try (Jonny Lang)
  24. If We Were A Movie (Hannah Montana)
  25. If Wishes Were Horses (Bryan Adams)
  26. If Wishes Were Horses (Jim Ed Brown)
  27. If Women Ruled The World (Joan Armatrading)
  28. I.F.Y (Vader)
  29. If Ya Wanna Be Bad Ya Gotta Be Good (Bryan Adams)
  30. If You (Harem Scarem)
  31. If You (Magic Box)
  32. If You Ain't Lovin' (you Ain't Livin') (Faron Young)
  33. If You Are Missing (Bethany Joy Lenz)
  34. If You Are Not With Us Then You Are Against Us (Gavin Rossdale)
  35. If You Believe (Walk To Remember)
  36. If You Believe (A Walk To Remember Soundtrack)
  37. If You Believe (Orange Blue)
  38. If You Believe (Salt N Pepa)
  39. If You Believe (Sasha)
  40. If You Believe (Irving Berlin)
  41. If You Can Afford Me (Katy Perry)
  42. If You Can't Beat Them (Queen)
  43. If You Can't Dance (Spice Girls)
  44. If You Can't Rock Me (The Rolling Stones)
  45. If You Close The Door (Velvet Underground)
  46. If You Come Back (Blue)
  47. If You Come To Me (Atomic Kitten)
  48. If You Could Read My Mind (Jeannie Riley)
  49. If You Could Read My Mind (Kalan Porter)
  50. If You Could See (Vaughan Penn)
  1. If You Could See Me Now (P.O.D.)
  2. If You Could See My Eyes (Almadrava)
  3. If You Don't Care For Me (Marty Robbins)
  4. If You Don't ,Don't (Jimmy Eat World)
  5. If You Don't Get It At Home (Greg Brown)
  6. If You Don't, I Know Who Will (Bessie Smith)
  7. If You Don't Know By Now (Eagle)
  8. If You Don't Know Me By Now (Simply Red)
  9. If You Don't Like Rock & Roll (Rainbow)
  10. If You Don't Wanna Love Me (James Morrison)
  11. If You Don't Want My Love (John Prine)
  12. If You Don't Want My Peaches (Irving Berlin)
  13. If You Ever Come This Way Again (Sammy Kershaw)
  14. If You Ever Did Believe (Sheryl Crow)
  15. If You Ever Leave Me Standing (Farmer Boys)
  16. If You Ever Need Me Again (Bonnie Tyler)
  17. If You Ever Want My Lovin (Sara Evans)
  18. If You Feel (Jefferson Airplane)
  19. If You Feel My Love (Blaxy Girls)
  20. If You Feel Real Sad Somtimes (Scorpions)
  21. If You Go (Jon Secada)
  22. If You Go (Norther)
  23. If You Go Away (Marc Almond)
  24. If You Go Away (Brenda Lee)
  25. If You Go Away (Cyndi Lauper)
  26. If You Go Away (Patricia Kaas)
  27. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody (Bonnie Raitt)
  28. If You Got The Money (Jamie T)
  29. If You Had A Heart (John Wiggins)
  30. If You Had My Love (Jennifer Lopez)
  31. If You Hated Me (Merle Haggard)
  32. If You Haven't Got An Ear For Music (Irving Berlin)
  33. If You Haven't You Can't Feel The Way I Do (Jean Shepard)
  34. If You Intend (10,000 Maniacs)
  35. If You Keep Losing Sleep (Silverchair)
  36. If You Keep On (Adam And The Ants)
  37. If You Keep On (Adam Ant)
  38. If You Knew (Jeff Buckley)
  39. If You Knew (Neko Case)
  40. If You Leave (Destiny's Child)
  41. If You Leave (Good Charlotte)
  42. If You Leave Me (Nick Drake)
  43. If You Leave Me Now (Chicago)
  44. If You Leave Me Now (Various Artists)
  45. If You Like Me Check Yes, If You Don't I'll Die (Showbread)
  46. If You Like What You See (Jesse Powell)
  47. If You'll Stay In My Past (Maria Mena)
  48. If You Love Me (Van Morrison)
  49. If You Love Me Like You Say (Albert Collins)
  50. If You Love Me (Really Love Me) (Brenda Lee)

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